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Not many four-seat coupes can say the same. There's even a decent sized boot. It's the drive that really impresses, however. Both versions give exhilarating performance, and the engines make a great noise. The handling is terrific, with seemingly endless grip and wonderfully direct steering. The ride is a touch firm at low speeds, but not offensively so, and it becomes impressively comfortable at high speeds. There's plenty of equipment on both versions, build quality is excellent and you can look forward to cast-iron reliability.

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Next time I post about it, I hope it's a video of me driving it lol. Just gotta install the clutch master, get a coupler for the intercooler piping, and install some guages. Here's a pic of rx7vargas 's crazy REPU in the meantime. It always takes a couple runs to get used to the Dragon.

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I was told By the 3rd run that I was hitting it hard. Another one of me driving superprofessionalgarage 's car. My face lol I'm looking back at Dustin like "You sure about this man? Rolling home dgrr dealsgaprotaryrally mollyhatchet. Deals Gap Tail of the Dragon. Big Thanks for all of the Time that the members of the meet and the these vendors for making it possible for us to enjoy a long week of fun. RX7 FD3S rx7turbo rx7fd3s rotaryengine rotary turbo boost boosted mazda mazdaspeed sakebombgarage irperformance turbosource haltech efr dgrr dealsgaprotaryrally skyway.

Bout to head home from TN and go straight to working on the FC lol. Had a great weekend with the rotary fam during Deals Gap Rotary Rally. Seems like it gets better every year! Chilling while Hiram is otw over, and the drizzley rain moves past.. Hell yeah! Leavung the hotel, and at the village.

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Yes its DGRR.. How about a Delta Integrale? Some really cool cars here.

Worth it. Have a lot of video on my camera i need to get off of the parade out. Lunch dgrr dealsgaprotaryrally dealsgapmotorcycleresort.

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First day gorgeous. Good people great cars dgrr dealsgaprotaryrally Looks like the first wave of rain passed to the north. We will see what the morning brings! Missing the boys being here. Quick breakfast stop before heading to dealsgaprotaryrally rx7 rotary crew clean sunrise cars imports tuners mazda 13b 20b turbo big convertible jdm stance flush clout gtr supra gt ss nsx srt evo sti fc fb fd.

Wilwood Track Day Brake Kit (RX8)

DGRR begins dgrr dealsgaprotaryrally. Locked and loaded. Who else has events this weekend? We finally have spark!

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No more messing around. Unfortunately the FC isn't making it, the second picture is what we are taking this year lol. The squeal of the taxi's brakes shatters the early morning quiet of my street. As I stumble into the crisp winter mist, photographer Paul is already unloading enough camera gear from the Falcon's boot to film an Academy Award winner. As we fill every available cubby hole in the RX-8 with countless tripods, camera bags and other crap, Paul complains that beneath the glistening dew, the Mazda is jet black. I correct him and point out that the colour of this Special Edition RX-8 is Radiant Ebony, and if the sun catches it just right, it's actually a metallic Ribena.

His mood does not lift. Especially when I tell him we're on the way to meet a bright yellow Holden Monaro — but more on that later. Available in six-speed manual only, the SE RX-8 runs a standard drivetrain no power lift like the Nissan Z 35th Anniversary model , but that still means a twin rotor screamer good for kW at rpm and Nm on song from revs. This is my first taste of Mazda's rotary-powered sports car since PCOTY so it takes a few kays to familiarise myself with the RX-8's character and quirks. The buzzy rotary is not exactly overendowed with torque at low rpm so it requires more revs to move away cleanly.

But you are soon used to this trait, and with an engine as smooth and free spinning as this, it's no hardship to tickle the throttle a bit harder. The tightly-packed sixspeed 'box shifts best with a decisive wristy stab, and the ride is firmer than I recall over Sydney's roadwork-rough blacktop. By the time the headlights are starring through the inky dawn light as we stab westward along the M4 Motorway, I'm thoroughly warmed to the RX-8's quirks and charms.

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More importantly, the engine oil is also up to temp so it's time to exercise the tacho needle with a morning run all the way around to nine grand. Into second gear and hard on the go pedal, the RX-8 barks its approval and gets to work revving like no other current production car engine. With such a linear delivery there's no V-Tec-like step up in punch and no real way of telling when the engine's had enough and wants another gear.

With the rotary baarrpping away a few feet ahead of me, I'm ready to grab third when a glance at the centrallymounted tacho reveals its only turning at rpm. That's all? I'm still rpm shy of power peak and a full revs short of where the engine finally blows the whistle on my fun. Like I said, it takes a while to get used to.