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According to scheduling information from Routes Online , two services to Hawaii will be canceled in the new year. These are:.

Alaska Airlines Drops 2 Hawaii Routes -- but Adds Flights on Existing Ones

The cancellation of these routes will mean Sacramento now has no connection to Kona at all. On the San Francisco route, only United will be left operating services. The Star Advertiser reports that, overall, these changes will result in the same seat capacity to Hawaii from the mainland by Alaska. Simple Flying reached out to Alaska for comment, who told us,. Although Alaska Airlines relies heavily on its Hawaii routes, new competition from Southwest Airlines has undoubtedly made them rethink their plans. Southwest were very sneaky when they launched Hawaii flights, deliberately picking routes that would not put them in contest with the US big three.

Just last week, Southwest announced its latest expansion into Hawaii, which includes nonstop flights from San Jose and Oakland to Kona beginning in January. Alaska Airlines has sent a clear signal that while it will reallocate capacity between routes as needed, it won't retreat from Hawaii without a fight.

Hawai‘i Ranks Last in Afterschool Suppers to Keiki

Nevertheless, it's unlikely that Alaska will be able to maintain its current level of capacity in the West Coast-Hawaii market in the long run. First, Alaska Airlines continues to operate about three daily flights to Hawaii from Oakland, a city where it has a very small footprint. It stands at a competitive disadvantage to both Southwest and Hawaiian Airlines on Oakland-Hawaii routes. As a result, it will struggle to make those routes profitable as Southwest adds capacity from Oakland to Hawaii particularly in the off-season. Second, the Bay Area-to-Hawaii market may not be able to absorb all of the new capacity that will be added over the next six months.

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Most notably, between Alaska Airlines' extra flights and Southwest's entry into the market, weekly capacity from San Jose to Lihue and Kona will nearly quadruple and nearly quintuple, respectively, compared to today. If there isn't enough demand to support both airlines' daily nonstop flights, Southwest Airlines is almost certain to prevail, due to its far larger customer base in San Jose. At the moment, it looks like any cutbacks by Alaska Airlines would probably come after the summer peak season. That means travelers from the Bay Area can look forward to another summer of intense competition -- and thus lots of low fares -- on flights to Hawaii.

Oct 8, at AM.

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He is an avid stock-market watcher and a value investor at heart. He primarily covers airline, auto, retail, and tech stocks. Follow him on Twitter for the latest news and commentary on the airline industry! I've never had a problem with Alaska and plan to use them again next month for our Kona trip. The one thing I've noticed with the smaller plane is that the turbulence is more noticeable and I think some passengers are unprepared for it. I've always wondered why the captains don't do a better job of reassuring people ahead of time.

Hawaii to Alaska Flight Information

As has been noted they fly the , which indeed can be rougher in turbulence. But this last trip we had smooth air both ways.

Alaska and Hawaii

The smaller plane means an easier time loading and unloading and getting your baggage. They do not have movies, so I don't have to lower the shade, which I don't like to do. Seems like a generous seat pitch, especially compared to hawaiian. Curiously as the departure date approaches they continue to lower their fares.

One further thing I like about Alaska out of San Jose is that they have a reasonable late morning departure, and you don't have to sit around in Maui waiting for your room to be ready. I haven't tried their first class. We usd to fly Hawaiian direct from Portland to Maui until Alaska started their service several years ago. Haven't used first class on Maui yet , but frequently upgrade at the gate for flights to-from Guadalajara, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta.

I like Alaska's flight times. Their economy service is fine.

Cheap Flights from Hawaii to Alaska from $ - KAYAK

Yes the flight times from San Diego are good too. And direct flight to Maui. We're big fans of Alaska Air. They are the only airline I've used to get to Hawaii , so I can't compare with any others there, but I find their service to be consistently good. Their flight attendants are generally friendlier and more helpful than on some other airlines I've flown. We have FC reservations on Alaska to Maui next month in fact. I have been trying to research options for award tickets We have choices to fly into a west coast city and go from there. I am reading conflicting info on Hawaiian vs Alaska coach seats and which is better.

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Wasn't really worth it for all 3 of us. We flew back coach on Hawaiian and it seemed nice. I also have an option for a flight on AA, which is a I can see info on seatguru but it doesn't really tell you what the seats are like! We don't like to fly US AIrways because we think their seats are uncomfortable Any frequent travelers who have used Alaska, Hawaiian and AA to fly to Hawaii from west coast have any opinions on which has the most "comfy" coach experience?

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