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HTC One M8 (Discontinued)

Good to hear you researched the Great heads up. Just received this call and expected this Samsung galaxy note 6 eage no upfront costs an nothing to How can I buy the I phone 6 which u r display image dark Toggle navigation. Finally, at the top of the One M8 is a black plastic strip, housing the power button at the top right, and an infrared sensor, which you can use to control home theatre systems, TVs and set-top boxes.

The strip also works with the plastic lines on the back of the phone to help the wireless technologies inside communicate with the outside world. At 5 inches, the One M8 display is larger than its predecessor's.

With that said, the display on the M8 is certainly brighter, and replicates colors more naturally. The One M8 screen doesn't quite compete with that of the Galaxy Note 4, or the Quad HD displays on the Galaxy S6 and LG G3 , but let's remember that the M8 is a year older than those phones — which is a long time in the smartphone universe. The One M8 display may not be top of the pile any more, but it's a testament to its quality that HTC chose to stick with the exact same display for the One M9.

It still looks great. The One M8 comes out of the box with Android 4. Themes lets you take photos, then uses the photo data to match it with appropriate icons and fonts. If what it selects doesn't suit you, you can always edit these things yourself.

Not all the customization options are available yet on the One M8 you'll have to wait until the Sense 7 UI update, probably in May , but it's a fantastic feature for those who want to personalize their phones without committing to custom ROMs. Despite my scepticism towards receiving a mishmash of news, social media feeds and calendar events all on one screen, BlinkFeed proved surprisingly good at knowing what I was interested in.

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It shows popular news stories and Facebook posts from people you actually interact with, rather than just random snippets from all your news sources. BlinkFeed lets you add your own feeds, and read posts using an in-built reader, saving you from having to open the corresponding app. One of the unsung One M8 features is the ability to to turn it into an infrared remote control for TVs, set-top boxes and sound systems.

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While the new app offers some handy features like TV guides, setting favorite shows and so on, it's proven prone to crashing when we've been using it, and we'll stick with using the original TV app as long as we can. The quad-core Snapdragon chipset, clocked to 2. Nevertheless, it is an efficient and powerful processor that will let you heedlessly leave a large number of apps running in the background and have 20 websites open at once without any adverse effects. Once again, a few phones have since surpassed it, but it still plays many of the most graphically demanding games without a hitch.

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It did, however, stutter ever so slightly on the strenuous Real Racing 3. The One M8 houses a pair of BoomSound speakers which deliver crystal-clear sound that tops most flagships even a year on in fact, the only smartphone speakers to have clearly outdone those on the One M8 are those on the One M9. Mid-high notes are very clear, while it's a little lacking in the bass and volume departments.

The One M8 utilizes its BoomSound speaker for phone calls, using the piezo driver in the the speaker to deliver deep, clear call quality. We had no problems with signal quality either, suggesting that the plastic signal strips on the back of the phone are doing their jobs properly.